Get A Sparkling And Glorious Eye Look With Latisse (Bimatoprost)

Have you ever admired to have a glorious sparkling eye that has attractive eyelashes? I can tell your answer is yes. There is a magic that rotates around those sharp dark and thick eyelashes. They make you look outstanding when you are among your peers.

Our eyelids have small hairs whose purpose is to keep our eyes from dust and other particles that would get it.

Their other function is the beauty. When you have nice eyelashes you look sharp and confident. People cannot avoid talking about them because they are noticeable and beautiful. Ladies go for the artificial ones to get this look.

When yours are few and thin you can feel the need of having more and thicker ones. Do not be disturbed anymore because we have a solution for you.

The secret behind those amazing eyelashes is using Latisse on your eyelashes. You will only need to apply sufficient quantity on the lower and upper eyelashes in the evening.

You will be surprised to see how your look will change within a few days. When the eyelashes grow to the size you are comfortable with you can trim them.

People will be making every excuse to get close to you to check whether those are your real eyelashes. There are some who won’t accept that they are natural till they touch and check keenly.

Safety Information about Latisse

Details About The Composition Of Latisse.

Latisse has different composition depending on its quantity. It’s 3 and 5 milliliters contain benzalkonium chloride which is 0.03%. of the entire composition.

Its generic type of 3 to 5 milliliters contains 0.03% concentration of Ophthalmic.

How Is Latisse Excreated From The Body?

The body takes the contents it needs from Latisse. Its waste is eliminated in form of urine and feces. 67% of these unneeded wastes are excreted through urine. 25% is eliminated through the feces.

Can You Get Vision Complications After Using Latisse?

Yes, you can get eye infections and vision complications after using Latisse. This is when you do any of the following:

  • When you re-use the eye applicators.
  • When you allow the bottle tip and the applicators to touch the eyelashes when you are using Latisse. This brings about contamination which results in the vision and infection complications.

Can You Use Another Eye Dropper When You Are Using Latisse?

Yes, you can use another eyedropper along with Latisse. You will have to give a break of 5 minutes between them to allow each to function independently and effectively.

Can Your Make Up Contribute To Eye Issues?

You should wash your face keenly with soap before you apply Latisse. This will help you in avoiding having your make up contents get to your eye when you are rubbing it after use.

Does Latisse Have A Genuine Generic?

The answer is ‘yes’. Latisse has a genuine generic. On 1/12 2014, the FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved it.

It has the strength of 0.03% AT. It has a Sandoz of 0.03% AT strength.

Is It Important For You To Wash Your Hands Before Using Latisse?

You should wash your hands before you use Latisse. Although you are not taking it orally, germs can get to your body when you use it before washing the hands.

Germs can get to your eyes as you apply the drops. Be safe by checking your hygiene.

Where Can You Get The Information Regarding The Use Of Latisse?

Latisse package contains a leaflet. It has a summary of all the major information that you would like to have about the drug.

Ensure that you keenly follow the directions you are given on that leaflet. This will save you from experiencing any complication when you are taking Latisse.

You can inquire from the pharmacist and any other medic where you would be buying the drug. Share with the medic any medical condition that would be bothering you.

This will help him in determining whether you are fit to take this drug. He will also give you any advice that you would require.

Disclose all the information relating to allergic reactions.

Will You Get The Results When You Miss Your Doses?

For the drug to work effectively, you should take your dose as you are directed by the medic. You can get the dosage information on the leaflet as well.

When you keep on missing the doses you will not get the result you are looking for. Ensure that you take it daily.

You can set a reminder to ensure that you take your drug daily and on time.

Things You Need to Know Before Trying Latisse

How Long Does The Brown Pigment Take To Appear When You Are Taking Latisse?

When you use Latisse for a long duration the pigmentation of your eye will start turning brown. The duration the change will take to be implemented on the pigment will vary from 1 person to the other.There are those that would take months and others up to a year.

Is It Important For You To Have A Doctors’ Follow Up After Using Latisse?

You should book an appointment with the doctor for a close check up after using Latisse for 16 weeks. You should be going back to him every 2 days.

He/She will advise you on when you should stop the check-up schedule depending on your condition. He will adjust your dosage when he finds it to be necessary.

Would You Use The Drug When You Are Wearing Your Eye Glasses?

You should not use Latisse when you are wearing the glasses. Remove them to avoid the damaged that would be done by the preservative that is in the drug.

Take a break of fifteen minutes before wearing them back.

Which Precautions Should You Take When You Are Taking Latisse?

Do not share this drug with anyone. Ensure that you keep the drugs out of the reach of children and close the bottle tight.

Take the dosage as a medic advises you. The drug will be effective when you take it as it should. You should not use the drug when you are taking alcohol.

When you realize that the color of the content has changed do not use it.

When Should You Stop And Avoid Using Latisse?

You should stop using it when you realize any allergic reactions. When you have high blood pressure you should not use it.

It is not fit for children.

Things that come in your mind before taking/using Latisse

Can Latisse Be Harmful When You Take It Orally?

It can be harmful when you consume it orally. You should get a person to rush you to the nearest medical facility within the shortest time.

It contains chemical contents that can be harmful to your body.

Can I Use Latisse On Other Parts Of The body?

You should not use Latisse on any other part of your body. You should only use it on the eyelashes and the inner part of the eye.

When you are using the drug you should ensure that the drops lands where your target is. When the contents of Latisse land on your cheek and any other parts severally the hair can start growing on those areas.

Is Latisse Use Safe When You Are Breastfeeding?

You should avoid using Latisse when you are breastfeeding. Its contents are strong. They get to the milk and this can harm the baby.

  • When a mother has to use it, she can only take a little quantity.
  • She can stop breastfeeding the child for the days she will be using the drug.

Can You Take Latisse When You Are Pregnant?

Your fetus health and safety should be your priority before you make any decision. Whatever you take have an effect on the fetus.

You should not take Latisse when you are expectant to avoid harming the fetus. In instances where you have to take the drug, you can use punctual occlusion along with it to reduce the possible effect.

Every Thing You Would Like To Know About Latisse

Which Conditions Makes The Eye Lashes To Fall Off

There are various conditions that make the eyelashes to fall off. Patients who have been undergoing chemotherapy experience this condition.

When you have cancer, your lashes fall off. When a medic is dealing with a tumor, he checks out the condition of the eyelashes to identify its possibility of being cancerous.

Their lashes re-grow and become long and thick when they start using Latisse. They would not grow again without the use of this effective drug.

Can The Use Of Latisse Cause Your Eyelashes To Grow Extremely?

The answer to the above question is ‘yes’. When you continue using it, you can realize that your eyelashes length and thickness changes.

When they grow to extents that you don’t need, you can trim them. This will help you in avoiding having them bother you.

When you realize that the size is overgrowing within few days, you can change the dosage. Use the drug 3 times in a week instead of daily.

Does Latisse Overdose Have Any Major Implications?

The answer is ‘no’. There have not been any major implications that have been reported in relation to Latisse overdose.

The patients should not take an overdose after getting this information. You should take the actual dose for the drug to perform effectively within the prescribed time.

Is there any side effects of taking Latisse?

There are common side effects that you will experience when you take Latisse. You can experience a mild headache. You can start coughing and having a running nose.

Your voice can disappear and you can experience sour throat. Your joints and muscles can become stiff and painful.

You can have strength loss and general fatigue. Your ears can become congested and you can experience nausea.

The size and thickness of your eyelashes change. They will become thicker and longer when you use the drug for up to 16 weeks

Are There Any Rare Side Effects That Are Linked To Using Latisse?

Yes, there are rare side effects that you will experience when you are taking Latisse. When you look at the light, you can see halos.

You can become sensitive to light. This results in feeling pain in the eyes when you are exposed to light. Your eyes’ pigment can turn to brown. The change is reported to be permanent for many people.

You can have a blur vision. This makes you to have an unclear vision. You can have a double vision. This is where one image looks like it is 2 images that look alike.

You can experience night blindness and the color of the image can appear different. The color of the entire area that surrounds the eye can turn darkish.

Fever has been reported on rare cases. Blindness is not common.


Lattise is an effective drug that helps in dealing with eye issues. They include glaucoma, growing the eyelashes and various other eye conditions.

How Do Latisse Function?
Latisse helps in regulating the fluids that your eyes discharge. It reduces the eye pressure that causes different eye problems. This helps in repairing the damage that is done to the eye.

Would You Experience Any Changes On The Eye Lashes?
Latisse is known for making the thickness of the eyelashes to increase. The lashes look outstanding. It makes your eyelashes to become thick after you start using it.

The thickness will increase to 106%. They will become 18% darker than usual. Their length increases with 25%. You will get this result after using it consistently for 16 weeks.

Celebs use it to get amazing eyelashes. It is unfortunate that the beauty doesn’t last because they fall off after some time.

Does Lattise Take Long Before It Starts Working In Your Body?
The drug is effective and starts working immediately when you start using the eye drops. For you to experience the full results on eyelashes changes, you will have to continue using it daily for 16 weeks.

The other issues on eye conditions will start disappearing immediately when you start using the drug. In four weeks time, you will have fully recovered.

You need to continue using the eye drop even when you feel that the condition is improving. You can only experience the full health when you use it to the last drop.

How To Apply Latisse

When you are using Latisse for eye conditions;

  • You should pull the owner eye pouch gently.
  • Place the bottle above the eye facing down.
  • Squeeze the bottle so that the eye drops land on your eye pouch.
  • When you are using it to make the eyelashes to grow the process is different.
  • You will close your eyes.
  • Squeeze the bottle when it is facing down above your eye.
  • Apply the drop that lands there using your finger.
  • Ensure that the lashes on the lower part get sufficient quantity
  • Always clean your hands before applying the medication. This will help you to avoid having other eye issues that relate to dirt and germs getting into the eye.

Common Mistakes That Many Latisse Users Make

  • Many users make a mistake of re-using the applicator. When you re-use it, you can get eye issues like allergic reactions when the germs get into the eye.
  • There are people who allow the bottle tip to rest on the eyelashes when they are using the drug. This can cause germs to get into the eye and later cause other complications.
  • Some users are not keen on dosage. There are those who use an overdose and others an under-dose. The dose should be 1 drop per eye every day. Ensure that you are keen on time; you need to leave a gap of 24hrs between the doses.
  • Skipping a dose is a common mistake that many users make. You can use the drug when you remember of a missed dose. Do not take a double dose to make up.

Modafinil – A wakefulness-promoting drug

Modafinil is highly effective in the treatment of a condition where and an individual experiences excessive sleepiness during daytime. In medical terminology, this condition is referred to as narcolepsy. This condition is common in people who work in rotational shifts or night shifts and those who have difficulty in falling asleep during the night. It is also used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea which is the condition where the obstruction in upper respiratory tract makes it difficult for an individual to get restful sleep. Modafinil drug comes under the category of wakefulness-promoting drug. Modafinil impacts the natural substances present in the brain that results in the release of oxygen, which makes individuals active.

Modafinil is consumed in tablet form before or after a meal. The normal dosage of this drug is one tablet once a day. Patients with narcolepsy are advised to take the tablet in the morning. Patients using the drug for treatment of shift work sleep disorder should take it one hour prior to the start of the shift. It advised taking Modafinil at the same time every day. Doctor’s consultation is advised for the people whose shift does not start every day at the same time.

Modafinil is habit-forming drugs, therefore, its prolonged usage and large doses should be avoided. This drug will reduce sleepiness but is not the cure for a sleep disorder. Once prescribed the drug should be continued even if one feels active and fresh. Only after a doctor’s consultation, the usage of the drug should be stopped.

Some people may experience side effects from Modafinil. The most common side effect observed are a headache, nausea, dizziness, bloating, diarrhea, loss of appetite, back pain, confusion, pain in eyes, stiff muscles and excessive thirst. In many cases, hypersensitivity of this drug towards skin is observed. Skin issues like rashes, itchiness, peeling of skin, blisters and mouth ulcers are some of the skin issues. In case of serious side effects, doctor’s consultation is advised.