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Latisse is a well-known bimatoprost topical brand name. It was approved by Food And Drug Administration (FDA) on 24th December 2008. We are a reliable and trusted online pharmacy to buy Latisse online, and we will ensure that it gets to you on time. We would like to enlighten you on every detail about Latisse so that you can make an informed decision.

The Latisse eye drop is used for the growth of eyelashes. The drug helps in raising the level of fluid that gets out of the eye. It performs this by lowering the entire pressure that is in an eye. It treats different types of a condition known as glaucoma and other disorders that bring about the increase of pressure in your eye. Its generic name is known as Bimatoprost topical. Children who are below sixteen years should not use it.

After buying Latisse, It is important for you to read the leaflet that is inside the drug package before you start using it. Ensure that you follow every instruction that is given on that package to avoid experiencing complications.

It is advisable for you to disclose to your doctor or the pharmacist about the medical conditions that you would be having before you use Latisse.

Latisse makes your eyelashes to become thicker with 106% and darker with 18%. Their number increases over time and their length increases with 25% within sixteen weeks. Unfortunately, the eyelashes fall off after some time.

When you put a drop in your eye, it spread evenly in the entire eye. Clean your face before you use it to avoid instances where the content of your makeup or dirt on your face get to the eye when rubbing it.

When you buy Latisse online from us we will send it along with many applicators. You will use them to put the drop in your eye. Use one applicator for one time only and dispose it. When you use it for more than once, it can cause you to have allergy symptoms and infection.

Be careful to see that the drop gets into the eye. You can have hair grow on your other parts like cheek when the content lands there frequently.

You will start noticing a remarkable improvement when you use it for about 2 months. On the fourth month, you should book appointments with your doctor. It should be in the intervals of 2 days. This will help him/her to make a close observation of the changes.

When you buy Latisse of three and five milliliters it will be containing 0.03% of benzalkonium chloride. Its generic of three and five milliliters have 0.03% of Ophthalmic Lumigan of two and a half, five and seven and a half milliliters have benzalkonium chloride. The drug is excreted through both feces and urine. Feces excrete twenty-five percent and urine excretes sixty-seven percent.

  • Buy Latisse online from us.
  • When you get it, put your head backward so that the drug will not spill out when it gets in the eye.
  • Open the lower eyelid using your finger.
  • Press the small Latisse bottle while it is facing downwards above your eye. This will help in having the drug drop in the eye. Keep it a few inches above your eye to avoid contamination that brings vision complications and eyes infections.
  • Leave your eye closed for three minutes and rub gently at the corner.
  • Suppose you are using another dropper, you should give them a space of five minutes each.

Ensure that you wash your hands well before you use this eye drop. This will help you in eliminating the chances of you putting germs in your eyes as you are putting the eye drops.

Use the recommended dose only. Do not exceed or reduce the period you have been advised by your doctor or the pharmacist. This will help you in avoiding using an underdose and overdose.

The usual dosage per evening is usually one drop per eye. Remove the glasses as you put the drops to avoid damaging the lenses with the preservation that is in this drug.

Do not put them back immediately after using Latisse. Take a minimum period of 15 minutes before putting them on again.

Suppose you note that when you buy Latisse it has particles or its color has changed, do not use it to avoid experiencing more complications.

Keep the drug from the reach of children in a cool area. Always leave the cover tightly closed after use. Do not share your eye drop or any drug with another person.

It would not be advisable for you to take this medicine when you have the following issues.

  • When you have an eye infection and swelling.
  • When your eye is hurting and when the retina is detached.
  • When your eye lens has been damaged when going through a surgery.
  • Suppose you have asthma. Their condition can become worse when they use this eye drop.
  • Avoid it suppose you have an allergy of other eye drops.
  • Those whose pulse is slow and have high blood pressure.
  • Pregnant mothers and those who are lactating.
  • Those that experience inflammation in the eyes.
  • Those that have had eye surgery that relates to removing the lens.
  • Children should not use it.
  • Do not use it when you will be using other drugs. Consult a medic before you take them so that they can advise you. Do not risk taking without getting an advice because some drugs react with it.
  • Do not take it when you have taken alcohol.
  • When you have a reaction that relates to allergy. This can include swelling of lips, throat, face, and tongue.
  • When your vision change and you start seeing blur images.
  • When eyelids become itchy, red or swollen.
  • When the eyes turn red and swell.

Missing the Dose

  • Suppose you missed a dose, you should wait for the next scheduled time and take just one drop. Do not put 2 drops to cover for the dose you missed.
  • When you continue missing the doses, you will not get the results you were expecting. The drug will be less effective because of the insufficient doses.
  • When you buy Latisse you can set your alarm so that you will not forget to use it on time.


Its overdose does not have major side effects but it should be avoided. Suppose someone takes the drug orally they should be rushed to the hospital within the shortest time possible.

When people buy Latisse and use it, they experience different side effects.

They include the following:

  • The growth rate of eye rashes increases and they become thicker.
  • It alters the initial eye color and the eyelids slowly. The brown pigment increases over time. Some can take one year and others take several months for them to notice this change.
  • The change in the color of the eye that you are treating and the rashes can be permanent. This can happen even after they stopped using the eye drop.
  • You can experience halos when you look at a light.
  • Eyes can become more sensitive to light. This makes you get irritated when you get exposed to a lot of light.
  • Some people experience pain in the eyes and they see blur images.
  • Blindness is not a common case.
  • Double vision. This makes your eye to split an image into 2 that resemble each other.
  • The area around the eye becomes darkish.
  • Vision color change.
  • Night blindness.
  • Fever occurrences.

The Common Side Effects


  • A sore throat.
  • A headache.
  • A cough.
  • Running nose.
  • Ear congestion.
  • Fatigue and strength loss.
  • Voice loss.
  • Muscle and joints pain.


Few people report of nausea and heart issue. The level of eye effect varies from one individual to another.

No, you should not use this eye drop when you are expectant. This is because it will have an effect on the unborn baby.

Suppose there is a need for an expectant mother to use it, she should take the least dose available. She can take it together with punctual occlusion to protect the growing fetus.

It is not safe to buy Latisse and use it when you are breastfeeding because its contents can get in the milk. This would have an effect on the baby who will suckle.

You can get rid of the excess solution from your eyes to minimize the quantity of the content in the best milk.

Do not take any drug that will put your child into a risk. This does not assure you 100% safety.

Yes, you can buy generic Latisse online from us. It was approved by Food Drug Administration (FDA). Apotex Inc was approved by FDA on 1st December 2014, it has a 0.03% AT strength. Sandoz Inc was approved on 19th April 2016 and has the strength of 0.03%

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