Every Thing You Would Like To Know About Latisse

Which Conditions Makes The Eye Lashes To Fall Off? There are various conditions that make the eyelashes to fall off. Patients who have been undergoing chemotherapy experience this condition. When you have cancer, your lashes fall off. When a medic is dealing with a tumor, he checks out the...

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Few Things That Contribute to Losing Your Eyelashes

Medication– When you are taking certain drugs like cancer treatment your eyelashes can be affected. They can start falling off and you realize that only a few and thin ones are left. When the eye has an infection– There are eye infections that cause irritation on your eyelid causing...

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Safety Information about Latisse

Details About The Composition Of Latisse. Latisse has different composition depending on its quantity. It’s 3 and 5 milliliters contain benzalkonium chloride which is 0.03%. of the entire composition. Its generic type of 3 to 5 milliliters contains 0.03% concentration of Ophthalmic. How Is Latisse Excreated From The Body?...

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Things that come in your mind before taking/using Latisse

Can Latisse Be Harmful When You Take It Orally? It can be harmful when you consume it orally. You should get a person to rush you to the nearest medical facility within the shortest time. It contains chemical contents that can be harmful to your body. Can I Use...

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