Many of us desire to have that sparkling look in our eyes that attracts attention. Think of it, how many times did you see a girl who had a magical look in her eye and you glued your eyes on her?

How many times were you tempted to whisper on her ears and ask ‘what is the secret of that glamorous look?

When you use either a branded Latisse or generic Latisse you get a charming look. People cannot resist staring at you. When they glue their eyes on you walk majestically, boldly and with shoulders high.

The generic Latisse work the same as the branded one. There are just a few differences as we will discuss below.

  1. Cost – Generic Latisse is cheaper than the branded one.
  2. Composition- Both Branded and Generic Latisse have more active and inactive components. This makes them have a quicker response.
  3. Doctor’s prescription – You will require to have a doctor’s prescription for you to buy branded Latisse. When you are buying the generic one, you don’t need to have the doctor’s prescription.
  4. Availability – Most of the drug dealers sells the generic Latisse because many people prefer it. They get attracted by its cheaper cost and effectiveness. Not many dealers sell the branded one.

Apart from the above differences, both branded and generic Latisse gives you awesome results when you use them.

  • They make your eye to glow and give you a magical look.
  • They make your eyelashes to become longer and thicker within a short duration. Many people desire to have thick and long eyelashes which are not easy to get.

There are those who go for the artificial ones as they try to get this irresistible look. The celebs wear them to maintain they look. Using Latisse can help you to achieve this.

There are people who fear that using branded Latisse would make the eye to turn gloomy faster than when using a generic one. That is a wrong perception. Using either of the 2 makes your eye to get a sparkling look.

The gloomy look would result from other conditions.

  1. Eye Infection – an eye infection like blepharitis can make your eyelids to get an irritation. When you keep rubbing the eye the sparkling look can disappear and the eye can turn reddish.
  2. Emotions – The size of the pupil and the iris color get influenced by your emotions. Your body releases hormones that influence this condition.

The iris glows when you are excited and becomes dull when you are unhappy.

  1. Age- What is your age? Small children have radiant eyes, as people grow old the iris becomes darker.
  2. Health Conditions

The iris color can become dull when you are unwell. Pigmentary glaucoma, Horner’s Syndrome and Fuch Heterochromic can result in a dull iris.