Which Conditions Makes The Eye Lashes To Fall Off?

There are various conditions that make the eyelashes to fall off. Patients who have been undergoing chemotherapy experience this condition.

When you have cancer, your lashes fall off. When a medic is dealing with a tumor, he checks out the condition of the eyelashes to identify its possibility of being cancerous.

Their lashes re-grow and become long and thick when they start using Latisse. They would not grow again without the use of this effective drug.

Can The Use Of Latisse Cause Your Eyelashes To Grow Extremely?

The answer to the above question is ‘yes’. When you continue using it, you can realize that your eyelashes length and thickness changes.

When they grow to extents that you don’t need, you can trim them. This will help you in avoiding having them bother you.

When you realize that the size is overgrowing within few days, you can change the dosage. Use the drug 3 times in a week instead of daily.

Does Latisse Overdose Have Any Major Implications?

The answer is ‘no’. There have not been any major implications that have been reported in relation to Latisse overdose.

The patients should not take an overdose after getting this information. You should take the actual dose for the drug to perform effectively within the prescribed time.