Lattise is an effective drug that helps in dealing with eye issues. They include glaucoma, growing the eyelashes and various other eye conditions.

How Do Latisse Function?
Latisse helps in regulating the fluids that your eyes discharge. It reduces the eye pressure that causes different eye problems. This helps in repairing the damage that is done to the eye.

Would You Experience Any Changes On The Eye Lashes?
Latisse is known for making the thickness of the eyelashes to increase. The lashes look outstanding. It makes your eyelashes to become thick after you start using it.

The thickness will increase to 106%. They will become 18% darker than usual. Their length increases with 25%. You will get this result after using it consistently for 16 weeks.

Celebs use it to get amazing eyelashes. It is unfortunate that the beauty doesn’t last because they fall off after some time.

Does Lattise Take Long Before It Starts Working In Your Body?
The drug is effective and starts working immediately when you start using the eye drops. For you to experience the full results on eyelashes changes, you will have to continue using it daily for 16 weeks.

The other issues on eye conditions will start disappearing immediately when you start using the drug. In four weeks time, you will have fully recovered.

You need to continue using the eye drop even when you feel that the condition is improving. You can only experience the full health when you use it to the last drop.

How To Apply Latisse

When you are using Latisse for eye conditions;

  • You should pull the owner eye pouch gently.
  • Place the bottle above the eye facing down.
  • Squeeze the bottle so that the eye drops land on your eye pouch.
  • When you are using it to make the eyelashes to grow the process is different.
  • You will close your eyes.
  • Squeeze the bottle when it is facing down above your eye.
  • Apply the drop that lands there using your finger.
  • Ensure that the lashes on the lower part get sufficient quantity
  • Always clean your hands before applying the medication. This will help you to avoid having other eye issues that relate to dirt and germs getting into the eye.

Common Mistakes That Many Latisse Users Make

  • Many users make a mistake of re-using the applicator. When you re-use it, you can get eye issues like allergic reactions when the germs get into the eye.
  • There are people who allow the bottle tip to rest on the eyelashes when they are using the drug. This can cause germs to get into the eye and later cause other complications.
  • Some users are not keen on dosage. There are those who use an overdose and others an under-dose. The dose should be 1 drop per eye every day. Ensure that you are keen on time; you need to leave a gap of 24hrs between the doses.
  • Skipping a dose is a common mistake that many users make. You can use the drug when you remember of a missed dose. Do not take a double dose to make up.