Medication– When you are taking certain drugs like cancer treatment your eyelashes can be affected. They can start falling off and you realize that only a few and thin ones are left.

When the eye has an infection– There are eye infections that cause irritation on your eyelid causing them to become itchy. The eyelashes keep falling off when you continue scratching. An example of this infection is blepharitis.

Alopecia– This is a general term for hair loss disorder. It leaves you with patches that don’t have hair. This can affect your eyelashes as well.

Face burns– When you get burnt on the face your eyelashes get affected. They fall off slowly and before you notice only a few will be left.

When your thyroid glands fail to produces sufficient amount to hormones that your body need to control your metabolism. This condition is known as the disorder of the thyroid gland.

Menopause– When you get to menopause, the amount of estrogen your body produces reduces. Estrogen is necessary for maintaining hair and eyelashes.

Trichotillomania Tangle disorder– Patients who suffer from this disease try all means to pull out their hair.

Eczema– This condition causes you to have eyelids inflammation. When you rub, the eyelashes fall off.

A natural loss of the eyelashes– All the hair that you have in your body sheds naturally. You can fail to realize this because some shed off in small quantities.

Follicles disorder– This can be caused by some disorder on the thyroid glands.

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