There are common side effects that you will experience when you take Latisse. You can experience a mild headache. You can start coughing and having a running nose.

Your voice can disappear and you can experience sour throat. Your joints and muscles can become stiff and painful.

You can have strength loss and general fatigue. Your ears can become congested and you can experience nausea.

The size and thickness of your eyelashes change. They will become thicker and longer when you use the drug for up to 16 weeks

Are There Any Rare Side Effects That Are Linked To Using Latisse?

Yes, there are rare side effects that you will experience when you are taking Latisse. When you look at the light, you can see halos.

You can become sensitive to light. This results in feeling pain in the eyes when you are exposed to light. Your eyes’ pigment can turn to brown. The change is reported to be permanent for many people.

You can have a blur vision. This makes you to have an unclear vision. You can have a double vision. This is where one image looks like it is 2 images that look alike.

You can experience night blindness and the color of the image can appear different. The color of the entire area that surrounds the eye can turn darkish.

Fever has been reported on rare cases. Blindness is not common.