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Latisse has introduced in the market seven years ago with the sole aim of treating hypotrichosis which is a health problem associated with having inadequate eyelashes. Also known as Bimatropost or Limugan, the drug is available at a dosage of 3ml or 5ml bottle. Eye drops such as Lumigan have Bimatropost which is a very active agent that treats age-related eye diseases. Latisse has been approved by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) and is produced by a company known as Allergan. Allergan has invested heavily in carrying out researches related to skin care and is responsible for manufacturing products that take care of the skin. Allergan has also tried its best to make sure that Latisse is good for human use by reducing the side effects that come with the use of this drug. This is achieved through research done by a pool of experienced pharmacists employed by the company.



How Latisse Works

When Latisse is applied, the drug will treat elevated intraocular pressure. Latisse is applied once a day, especially when one is going to sleep, at the base of the eyelashes and it may take between one and two months after which they eventually fall out. Latisse works by allowing the eyelashes to remain in the growth stage for a longer period and also helps the growth of eyelashes to change from the inactive stage to an active growth phase. Whenever a patient stops using Latisse, the eyelashes will return to their normal state.

Latisse can be used under the doctor’s prescription by patients who are suffering from skin cancer or thyroid conditions which make eyelashes to fall out. Since its inception, more than one million bottles of Latisse have been sold as it can also be used without the prescription of a doctor. Many women all over the world have used this product to get longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. It is however recommended for people to use this drug under the prescriptions of a doctor in order to avoid future effects that may cause health complications. Buying Latisse will help solve the problem of having short eyelashes as long as one continues to apply it.

Also known as Bimatropost or Limugan, the drug is available at a dosage of 3ml or 5ml bottle. Eye drops such as Lumigan have Bimatropost which is a very active agent that treats age-related eye diseases. When applied or a given period of time specifically after four weeks, changes begin to appear. The eyelashes become long and dark as compared to the way they were initially.

Advantages of Using Latisse

Latisse is currently the only drug that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help people in growing eyelashes. This is so because of the advantages that it has making it the best product for use. The advantages include:

  • Latisse is very easy to apply and is not a must for one to have support. After visiting the doctor, a prescription and a set of instructions for applying the drug are given. Latisse is only applied once a day thus reducing the time spent on preparing the eyelashes.
  • After purchasing Latisse. One does not have to worry about other eyelashes treatment such as eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. Latisse will generally serve all the purposes that were previously done by these other products as it guarantees efficient results. In addition, one will not worry about chemicals that makeup contains or the glue that is necessary for one to use fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions.
  • Latisse guarantees faster results as one does not have to wait for long before getting long and dark eyelashes. From the first day, treatment is started, it takes between 2-3 months before one has to see maximum results.
  • Unlike eyelash extensions, users of Latisse will still wear contact lenses if they did so before starting the treatment. A doctor that prescribes the drug will clearly explain the best method to apply the treatment if one wears contact lenses.
  • With the use of Latisse, a person feels free as they do not have to wake up and put on the fake eyelash. With correct application of Latisse, one will wake up at the sight of good-looking eyelashes.
  • Latisse can also be applied by a person whose eyes are very sensitive without causing any effects.
  • Use of Latisse guarantees improved confidence to a patient once the results begin to appear. Family members and friends are more likely to compliment a person that uses Latisse thus boosting self-esteem.

Disadvantages of Using Latisse

Just like any other drug, the use of Latisse has some disadvantages to the patients. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • For consistent results, one has to constantly apply the Latisse solution. Once a patient stops using the solution, the eyelashes start wearing off thus returning to their previous status.
  • It sometimes takes a longer time to see results when using Latisse as compared to other products that are used to treat eyelashes. This can be very frustrating to people who are not patient.
  • Cost of purchasing Latisse is somehow expensive to low-income earners. A bottle of Latisse that is used for about 45 days is available at $100 to $150. The price prevents many people from using this drug.
  • Latisse is not covered by a majority of the insurance plans as it is considered a cosmetic treatment.
  • There is a possibility of the eyelashes differing in sizes and thickness when not correctly applied.
  • Application of Latisse is only limited to the upper eyelashes thus neglecting the lower eyelashes. In the end, the lower eyelashes are very thin and short as compared to the upper eyelashes which are long and dark. This disadvantage has discouraged many people from using Latisse as the want to look better than what Latisse has to offer.

Regardless of the disadvantages that come with the use of Latisse, it is still the best drug on the market that allows a person to have the best eyelashes. With proper usage, more advantages than disadvantages will be realized.

Side Effects of Using Latisse

Using Latisse for a very long period of time will result in long-term side effects that cause severe health problems. It is therefore advisable for a patient to use this drug under the prescription of their doctor for them to reduce the long-term effects. Some of the side effects associated with the use of Latisse include:

  • Severe pain in the eye that leads to itching.
  • Sensitivity to light is increased
  • Patients tend to develop vision problems and cannot see things clearly.
  • In some patients, hair starts growing around the eye or any other body part that was in contact with the drug.
  • The color of the iris can change completely.
  • One’s eyelids may end up becoming darkened.
  • In some patients, the eyes become dry

With proper use, these side effects can be avoided thus allowing one to live a very comfortable life.

How to take Latisse

Latisse should be strictly taken under the prescriptions of a doctor in order to avoid any effects that may set in. The direction a patient is supposed to follow is clearly displayed on the prescriptions label. A patient should not change the prescription unless required to do so by their doctor. Before taking the medication, the hands are supposed to be washed thoroughly to prevent contamination. It is also important to check the expiry date of the drug and see whether the color of the liquid has changed or there is something unusual in the Latisse purchased.

For anyone wishing to apply Latisse, it is first important to wash the entire face and remove any makeup that may have been applied during the day. By using the applicator that comes with the Latisse drug, place a drop of the drug at the tip of the applicator. Use the applicator to apply the Latisse specifically at the base of your eyelashes. Use a clean cloth or tissue paper to clean out any excess solution that may have been applied to the face. It is essential to dispose of the applicator after using it for one eyelash to ensure good hygiene.

Before taking this drug, there are a number of health issues that the doctor should know before prescribing this drug. This is because the drug does not work together with some drugs or people suffering from a given illness. Every person can use Latisse except:

  • Ladies who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • People who have undergone eye surgery that resulted in the removal or replacement of the lens.
  • Patients that are currently suffering from eye problems or those that have a history of recurring eye problems.
  • If someone is using a different type of eye drops or puts on contact lenses.
  • Patients with low blood pressure or those that have a slow-moving pulse.
  • People that are currently under medication with a different drug.
  • People that have had allergic reactions after initially using this drug.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to use Latisse.

Medications That Interact With Latisse

Although this drug cannot be used with some drugs that are available, there are others which are compatible and can be used at any particular moment. Some of these drugs include:

  • Lumigan
  • Travoprost Opthalimic
  • Unoprostone Opthalimic
  • Latanoprost Opthalimic

For patients using these drugs, it is possible to use Latisse without having to fear about side effects that occur when a drug has been mixed. There are also other drugs that can be taken when using Latisse but the most important of all is to notify your doctor before using it.

For any person who wants to get the best out of Latisse, it is important to make it a regular routine as it should be applied on a daily basis. Patience is also an important factor since results cannot be achieved within a day. Application of Latisse should be strictly followed and playing catch up when a day is missed will cause more harm than good. A person only requires one drop of Latisse per day and a person who uses more than that will suffer from irritation. Buy Latisse and enjoy the advantages that come with it.

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