Modafinil is a drug that is administered orally and used to improve wakefulness in patients that are experiencing excessive sleep. The excessive sleepiness is usually as a result of narcolepsy which is a condition whose patients are subjected to excessive sleep during the day. It can also be as a result of shift work sleep disorder which is basically lack of sleep during hours that one is supposed to be asleep or staying asleep when one is required to be awake. Modafinil works by stimulating one’s brain just like amphetamines which are mostly used to promote wakefulness. Modafinil is available as a generic drug under the brand of Provigil and is classified as a wakefulness promoting agent. Modafinil is not addictive and can be used to stop addiction by patients who are addicted to something.



Modafinil exists as a tablet and is usually taken once a day mostly in the morning hours. For anyone who has a shift disorder, it is advised for them to take this drug one hour before starting their shift. This drug is very habitual and when taken on a regular basis, it can result in an addiction that is very difficult to evade. It is strictly important to take this drug under your doctor’s prescription in order to prevent long-term effects that may set in.

History of Modafinil

Michel Jouvet, a French professor, was the first person to produce Modafinil in the year 1970. It was not until 1986 when Modafinil was first used by patients suffering from Narcolepsy. Since the day it was first used by patients, Modafinil has been prescribed by many doctors as a treatment for sleep disorders.

Modafinil has also been used by soldiers from Britain and America to stay awake as they fight with terrorists or protect their bases.

Since its inception, Modafinil has been sold under different brands but since 2006 Cephalon has been the known brand name. In the year 2011, Teva decided to buy Cephalon.

Buy Modafinil

For people with disorders that result to lack of sleep or too much sleep during working hours, it is very important to buy Modafinil. This drug is very helpful as it improves the attention, concentration and focus of the affected individual. Since it is a prescription drug, it is very important to buy Modafinil safely from licensed personnel in order to counter shady vendors. Some countries such as India allow their citizens to purchase this drug over the counter and therefore all the set out policies and procedures should be strictly followed. In order to ensure your personal safety, it is important to buy the drug from vendors that are highly trusted and sale the right drug.

Safe Modafinil

Paying close attention to any drug that one buys is one of the necessities that one should look into when visiting a drug selling shop. Whether the vendor is good or trusted, looking into the product is helpful since mistakes tend to happen without their knowledge. For one to be sure of a safe Modafinil drug, looking into the brand name for specific Modafinil products will prove to be very helpful. Most of the products produced under the brand name Provigil, are sold over the counter and thus are packaged in a similar manner. This is helpful when trying to distinguish between original Modafinil tablets and fake ones.

Packages for the Modafinil drug are usually official with a slight description of how it should be used. When given a package that does not contain all these information, it is best to avoid it since it may be counterfeit. Due to its popularity, it is quite difficult for vendors to sell a counterfeit since majority of the users are fully aware of how it is designed. For a new user, it is highly recommended for one to buy it from a hospital or a vendor who is well known.

Uses of Modafinil

For patients who are suffering from Narcolepsy or any other sleep disorder including difficulty in breathing when one is asleep, taking Modafinil is strongly advised. This is because Modafinil helps to reduce the effects of too much sleep thus allowing a person to easily carry out any activity that is required. Modafinil is also helpful as it assists people that work late in the night giving them an opportunity to stay awake when others are sleeping.

Modafinil does not necessarily cure all the sleep disorders that a person may be having and may sometimes not get rid of the sleep. It is also important to avoid using Modafinil for one’s own benefit such as keeping off sleep.

Modafinil has also been known to increase the function of the brain by improving a patient’s mood and reducing the level of fatigue. It has also been known to reduce the chance of making poor decisions as the patient is always alert. With the correct administration of Modafinil, a patient is set to benefit from the issues that it caters for.

Benefits of Using Modafinil

Modafinil has been proven to solve many illnesses that are related to lack of enough sleep or to the proper functioning of the brain. Modafinil has the following advantages to patients with the intent of using it or those that have used it for a long period of time:

Promotes Wakefulness

Majority of people using Modafinil do so because of its ability to make them stay awake for longer periods of time. After taking the drug, an individual can stay awake and very alert without having to worry about fatigue.

Important in reducing the effects associated with Narcolepsy

For any person suffering from constant sleep disorders, Modafinil is very helpful. This is so because it reduces the effects of Narcolepsy while at the same time improving their cognition.

Improves the focus of an individual

During its half-life, Modafinil is well known for increasing the focus of a patient using it. This gives them a chance to carry out activities that they consider boring without getting tired or losing the focus. These effects can be compared to that experienced by the user of caffeine although it lasts longer than caffeine.

Improves one’s mood

Many users of Modafinil have reported instances of improved moods after using the drug. According to studies that have been carried out on the drug, the improved patient’s mood can be associated with Dopamine that is used in the manufacturing process.

Increase in the cognitive functions of a person.

High productivity and improved cognitive functions is one of the most important functions that Modafinil serves in patients. For any person taking Modafinil, it is easier to perform difficult tasks that may sometimes be boring or tiresome.

Helps people to lose weight

Any person willing to lose weight within a short period of time should consider using Armodafinil as a method of losing weight. Users of Armodafinil tend to have a reduced appetite as it is an appetite suppressant. This combined with the high levels of energy that it produces makes it possible for patients to lose weight within no time.

How to Use Modafinil

Before using Modafinil, it is important to look at the instructions given by the doctor and following every instruction as required. In case of any question, contacting the doctor is the best available solution that will prevent misuse of the drug.

Modafinil is taken through the mouth per day or depending with your doctor’s prescription. It is mostly taken during the morning hours when one wakes up. Anyone who uses it to control sleep disorders related with a change in shift, it should also be taken under the prescription of the doctor. This is usually one hour before going to work. Modafinil can be taken when one has already eaten or not but may take a longer time if one has taken a meal. Most doctors will advise their patients to take Modafinil before having their meal.

When a patient stops using Modafinil without completing the full dose, side effects such as nausea, sweating and vomiting may be experienced. For withdrawal to take place, it is important for the doctor to closely monitor a patient and ensure that it is done in the required manner.

When used for a very long time, the drug may stop functioning and thus it is important to limit how it is being used. If the drug stops working, a patient should immediately contact the doctor. This will allow the doctor to look for an alternative solution that will help treat the illness.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects experienced by patients using Modafinil are similar to those that are experienced by people who are using Armodafinil. This is so since both of these drugs are modified to serve the same role although Armodafinil works faster than Modafinil. Some of the side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Lack of sleep
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Insomnia.
  • Anxiety.

A patient using Modafinil may not react quickly to some things even though it makes a person to stay awake. One is therefore advised not to drive or control any type of machine until it can be safely done. If any of these side effects occur regularly, a patient should notify the doctor as soon as possible. Although allergic reactions are rare, it is also important to see the doctor if one has noticed any allergic reaction.


The use of Modafinil may end up speeding or reducing the activities that enzymes carry out in the liver that make it possible to eliminate other drugs. This may, therefore, result in an increase or decrease of the performance of other drugs that have been taken together with Modafinil. When taken with other drugs, the use of Modafinil should be closely monitored to prevent any health issues that may affect the patient. Examples of drugs that have a reduced performance when taken with Modafinil include:

  • Cyclosporine
  • Theophylline
  • Drugs that contain progesterone and estrogen.

Examples of drugs that have an increased performance when taken with Modafinil include:

  • Propanolol
  • Desipramine
  • Imipramine
  • Diazepam
  • Warfarin

Although the effects of alcohol on the users of Modafinil have not been clearly evaluated, it is important to avoid alcohol when taking Modafinil.


It is always important to take the necessary precautions before using Modafinil. This is so because any type of misuse will lead to severe effects on the body. Before starting this medication, one should notify the doctor of any personal allergies or allergies related to the use of Modafinil. This is because Modafinil is manufactured through the use of different chemicals and may not function effectively within the body of some people.

It is also important for a patient to reveal all the required medical history especially if one has constant problems with the heart. In expecting mothers, Modafinil should only be used under the doctor’s prescription and when it is really needed. This will help reduce complications during childbirth or side effects that may affect the unborn baby.

Overdose and Missed Dose

In the case of an overdose it is necessary to visit the doctor immediately before effects such as breathing problems begin. It is also against the law to share the prescribed medication with another person as it may lead to serious health issues.

If at any case the dose is missed, one should immediately take the drug or wait until the time for the next dose if it is near.


Modafinil should be stored in a normal room temperature that is free from any type of light and moisture. The room should be properly ventilated and the drug should be properly sealed to prevent contamination. Modafinil should also be kept far away from children as it will lead to severe health problems if misused by a child.

It is also important to safely throw away any Modafinil tablet that has gone bad as it may end up being used by an unsuspecting person. One can decide to contact the company or read the instructions that explain how it should be disposed off.

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