Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel your order, if the product booking is done within two hours. In case of such cancellation, however, only 50% of billing will be refunded. This is because the bank charges the website for half of the billing amount of each transaction.
  • No cancellation/refunds will be accepted once the order is processed and dispatched.
  • Users must provide correct shipping address for prompt delivery.

Refund policy

  • Customer will be refunded 100% of the item’s billing amount if the delivery is not made.
  • While requesting refund or re-delivery, customers should provide with order number and the reason for the same.
  • In case the reason of refund is due to delay in delivery because of weather conditions, the customer won’t be qualified for a refund or cancellation.
  • The website, will not consider refund if the product gets back due to wrong shipping address provided by the customer.
  • Total billing amount will be refunded to the customer in case the order is cancelled prior to its confirmation.
  • 50% of billing amount will be refunded if the order is cancelled after its already approved.
  • For requesting a refund after an item is delivered, the customer needs to contact the website on email or live chat. The customer care will provide the shipping address to the person where he has to return the product. 50% of the total billing amount will be provided to the customer, once we get them.
  • If the order is cancelled within two hours of booking time, only then the customer’s refund request will be considered.