Details About The Composition Of Latisse.

Latisse has different composition depending on its quantity. It’s 3 and 5 milliliters contain benzalkonium chloride which is 0.03%. of the entire composition.

Its generic type of 3 to 5 milliliters contains 0.03% concentration of Ophthalmic.

How Is Latisse Excreated From The Body?

The body takes the contents it needs from Latisse. Its waste is eliminated in form of urine and feces. 67% of these unneeded wastes are excreted through urine. 25% is eliminated through the feces.

Can You Get Vision Complications After Using Latisse?

Yes, you can get eye infections and vision complications after using Latisse. This is when you do any of the following:

  • When you re-use the eye applicators.
  • When you allow the bottle tip and the applicators to touch the eyelashes when you are using Latisse. This brings about contamination which results in the vision and infection complications.

Can You Use Another Eye Dropper When You Are Using Latisse?

Yes, you can use another eyedropper along with Latisse. You will have to give a break of 5 minutes between them to allow each to function independently and effectively.

Can Your Make Up Contribute To Eye Issues?

You should wash your face keenly with soap before you apply Latisse. This will help you in avoiding having your make up contents get to your eye when you are rubbing it after use.

Does Latisse Have A Genuine Generic?

The answer is ‘yes’. Latisse has a genuine generic. On 1/12 2014, the FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved it.

It has the strength of 0.03% AT. It has a Sandoz of 0.03% AT strength.

Is It Important For You To Wash Your Hands Before Using Latisse?

You should wash your hands before you use Latisse. Although you are not taking it orally, germs can get to your body when you use it before washing the hands.

Germs can get to your eyes as you apply the drops. Be safe by checking your hygiene.

Where Can You Get The Information Regarding The Use Of Latisse?

Latisse package contains a leaflet. It has a summary of all the major information that you would like to have about the drug.

Ensure that you keenly follow the directions you are given on that leaflet. This will save you from experiencing any complication when you are taking Latisse.

You can inquire from the pharmacist and any other medic where you would be buying the drug. Share with the medic any medical condition that would be bothering you.

This will help him in determining whether you are fit to take this drug. He will also give you any advice that you would require.

Disclose all the information relating to allergic reactions.

Will You Get The Results When You Miss Your Doses?

For the drug to work effectively, you should take your dose as you are directed by the medic. You can get the dosage information on the leaflet as well.

When you keep on missing the doses you will not get the result you are looking for. Ensure that you take it daily.

You can set a reminder to ensure that you take your drug daily and on time.