Can Latisse Be Harmful When You Take It Orally?

It can be harmful when you consume it orally. You should get a person to rush you to the nearest medical facility within the shortest time.

It contains chemical contents that can be harmful to your body.

Can I Use Latisse On Other Parts Of The body?
You should not use Latisse on any other part of your body. You should only use it on the eyelashes and the inner part of the eye.

When you are using the drug you should ensure that the drops lands where your target is. When the contents of Latisse land on your cheek and any other parts severally the hair can start growing on those areas.

Is Latisse Use Safe When You Are Breastfeeding?
You should avoid using Latisse when you are breastfeeding. Its contents are strong. They get to the milk and this can harm the baby.

When a mother has to use it, she can only take a little quantity.
She can stop breastfeeding the child for the days she will be using the drug.
Can You Take Latisse When You Are Pregnant?
Your fetus health and safety should be your priority before you make any decision. Whatever you take have an effect on the fetus.

You should not take Latisse when you are expectant to avoid harming the fetus. In instances where you have to take the drug, you can use punctual occlusion along with it to reduce the possible effect.